What's in my Bag ? Summer Edition

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Well, since I am so into doing "Tag blog post/ video" and when my lovely friend Hannah tagged me to do "What's in my bag?" tag, I would love to join About Hantin
But today I am not sharing what's in my typical bag for whenever I go out or when I go to office but i am going to share you what's in my weekend swimming pool carry on bag. 

Just because I go swimming at weekend and the rest of the day? I slay on my bed.

This is so ramdom but I also put my swimsuit in this big bag too. I don't even know the brand of the bag but I got it from Bangkok's street market with cheapest price ...

What's in my pool bag is here -
1. H2O men use facial form - actually It was my bro's.

2.Nivea skin tharapy serum with PA+++ - it is waterproof so I apply it right before I just into pool.

3. DABO Aloe Vera Stem-Rich PA+++ sunscreens - love this staff just because it is cool on my skin and shine control. I use Loreal UV perfect for the first layer and I apply this right before i dip into pool.

4. Bodycheer Vera Aloe Vera Gel - I use this after swimming because it can control the itchiness I got from the pool's calorine.

5.Head and Shoulder Shampoo - and Yes I wash my bald hair.

6. Essence "Like a jump in the pool" pocket size perfume - I don't use it that much but yeah.

7. Crazy Rumor Pick Grape Fruit Lip balm - you will need lip balm, obvi 😛😝

8. Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain no- 030 - love this balm because of long lasting and cooling effect 

9. My sunglass is - " 135 Village by Marcolin - Italy" 

10. all the other things are ramdom like My hat, my addmission card to the pool, my Kachin Purse, and tiny pocket mirror.

Well .... that's all.
Thank you for being nosy 

Until next time

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