L'oreal Turematch Genius Compact Foundation Review

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Hola Beautiful People, 

Well, It's time for another beauty favorite of the week. And I am so excited to share with you what I found from Loreal.
It's Loreal TurematchGenius Compact Foundation and I kind of have love and hate relationship with this bad boy.

I love original Loreal Truematch Liquid Foundation but when Loreal Myanmar Team introduced me with this, I am so excited to try since it was "holy moly damn hot summer" and I am looking for powder foundation for light weight/ medium coverage foundation.

Well let me share with you what they say about this products.


1. Smoothes like a primer.
2. Unifies like a foundation.
3. Corrects like a concealer.
4. Finishes like a velvet powder.

How to apply:

1. Start with a well cleansed, toned and moisturized face.
2. Apply True Match Genius using the applicator provided. Start at your forehead and blend down to your nose and cheeks.
3. Continue to blend down past your cheeks, upper lip and chin. Make sure you do so in a downward motion for a perfect finish.

Tote - Love this Dewy Look 

Does anyone of you ever tried this ?
Share with me please

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