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As I am not one of the typical gal who love to be trendy and classy all the time. Especially on weekend, because these days are greatest chance to be myself and dare to have fun (I mean goofy all the time)

I must confess … I love to go out like "Kendall Jenner Sporty" BUT I am so not #KendallJenner.

& look at my face I have neither makeup nor lipstick but I apply my favorite sunscreen “The L’oreal UV perfect Aqua Essence” on my face to protest the heat of the sun and the magnifying effect of the swimming water.

I wore my favorite swimwear top (dark blue floral print) and sport pants from H & M in long black.
And of course, my all time fave flexible sneaker from my country local shop. The conversation starter, my red knitted wear from Thai floating market is a center of all. It was a statement piece of my whole outfit.

I was so pump and pleased that I chose to wear these things for my swimming day because everybody is in love with my knitted wear.

>> Here are the details <<

Knitted Wear - Don't know the brand (from Thai Flooding Market)
Long Yoga pant - H & M
Dark Blue Sport Wear - Don't know the brand (from Local Sport wear shop)
Sneaker - (from Local Shop)

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