This is just an open letter

Hi everybody,
and Hi My Haters ...
Today I would like to share some of my experience of facing with strangers, facing with people I hate and the worst part is facing with the people who hates you for no reason.
I've never think of I might have haters someday. Because I am just an ordinary girl who talk a lot. That's is. That's my life. I talk a lot with my family, friends and with my coworkers.

But when my life lonely and when nobody around me, I decided to blog. Actually I love reading others people blogs since I was so young and I think they are inspiring. Whenever I need something with my life, I reading blogs and watch youtube videos like they are resources to me.

YES, they are resources where anyone can get free inspirations. I also decided to do blogs last year which is in the middle of 2014. I started blogging on this site in English Language. This site was never reach to my target audiences and it was never popular but I never stop blogging. But one day one of my readers who is from Myanmar asked me to write blogs in Myanmar Language. So I decided to write in Myanmar Version so I created Blogger Page on Facebook. I shared that information to a lot of others girls on Facebook who claimed themselves as a Beauty Bloggers on Facebook.

I've been blogging for like 4 months now in Myanmar Version and I have 10k organic fans. I feel so proud of having such followers and I talked with them a lot. When people know me, I face a big problem which is hate for me. I don't know why, I am just sharing things that I know and talking to a small amount of Myanmar Girls who are extremely interested in Beauty like me. I love sharing things. As I love to talk, I also fell in love with Writing. I write new blogs everyday and upload daily on that Page.

When I first saw a hater commend on my posts, I quickly deleted it because I don't want anyone to see that. But then I think "Wait, that's a good thing because I can get to know myself from Negative Points of Views." Most people give me many positive feedback on my writing and blogs and when I see some hater comments, I feel shocked. But I know that the life. We have lovers, we have followers, we have friends, we have enemies. That is my first time dealing with hate on the internet.

The next level of facing haters is like they come to me directly and attacked me. I was shocked. Some girls on facebook. They said that I am ugly and have a lot of pimple and ance scars on my face. They are like "you are ugly and don't have perfect skin, why on earth are you doing beauty blogs with that face. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? If I will you, I will be ashamed and stop exposing on Internet,". The first time seeing that kind of posts which are dedicated to me, I cried a lot and of course I was so angry. Not to them but to myself for not having normal skin. I always thought that there is only one person who hates me and spread spoiled things about me on the internet but after 3 days later, I found out that there are a whole bunch of people who gossip bad things about me. I feel so low and up set. The biggest things that I feel unfair is "they don't even know me!". They don't know me in real life and they are judging other person without know all about me. And they also think that I don't know all about that but (Guess what) I know everything. Just because not having psychotic eyes just because there are a few people who love me.

And I depend on them. They are amazing. Thank you for being with me. At first I have feeling about everything they say about me because I keep checking their pages and accounts. But the last things I need to do is block or ban their page and account for God sake. I feel like I am just wasting my time for some other's people negative passive aggressive things to other person. They are BFF (Bitchy Fake Friends) of good people life.
Oct - 11- 2015 (11:46 Am)

Well this blog just passed 4 Months and I just decided to post it online without thinking twice about it or continue writing it again.
Nothing special just notes.

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