Thadingyut Full Moon Night Out

I hope you all know that, my country, Myanmar, has a lot of beautiful traditions and festival all around the year.
Well, Thadingyut is one of them and it is come around at the end of October. Nearly to the time of Halloween. Yeahhhhh …. (I am so excited for Halloween)

Make sure to read about our beautiful tradition by clicking the link below….

Me and my boyfriend and one of the sisters went to the festival of lighting in downtown and I want to share some of my memories from there.
The First photo is on the ways to the venue and you guys can see a lot of lights are there on the sky.
On the way
Famous Green Tea Pastes of Myanmar

Famous Local Snacks

Vagina Snack :P

This is actually a head band with a lot of little flowers

Traditional Girly Dolls made from Mud

Air Balloons

Colorful Mini Skyride

Colorful Mini Skyride

Well, I don't know how to call that Ride but this is amazing. (I screamed a lot tho)

Accepting donation for that Clever Big Snacks

What I ate (Vegan Thai Noodle Salad)
My homies for the night out. <3

Thank you for watching my pictures.
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Phyo Pa Pa

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