Life Update 2015

Hello Beauties 

It been a long time since I upload my latest beauty blogs. But I here now to do some new life update.

So I've changed my work again because I don't think I can stay any long with crazy ass-like management and I felt like they are bloodsucking person.
Anyway, I have changed my job again and now I am a media person again. I learnt a lot about Management at school. I never though of myself trying to put some advertisings in the media world. But I have to try RIGHT ???
I think I might love this job as I still don't know what to expect.
Also I would like to mention that I am doing blogs (in Myanmar Version) on Facebook with the name of Phyopapa's Beauty Blogs. My URL is
A lot of girls followed me there and it's so much fun because we are on Facebook Yeah.
I was trying to reactive my Youtube Channel and tried to make new and exciting video but I still don't have that much time. I can do vlogs but I can't create any pacific content and videos. But if you are interested in watching other people daily lifestyle make sure to check out

Well thank you for reading
This text is all about nothing but me.
I will write you next time. BYE
Xoxo Phyopa ^_^  

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