Violet Babe (Purple Eye Shadow Tutorial)

Hi Dollies, 

Its been a long time that's I haven't been upload new blogs this month and I am so sorry for that.
So I will show you my new favorite eye makeup look for you today. 
It is call "Violet Babe" and I use a hint of Violet on my eyes. 
It is a little bit of fall style and a very good transmission style toward Autumn.

let's begin,

Step 1
Make sure you apply a little bit of eyeshadow primer to have long lasting shadow look.

Step 2
I take an eye shadow brush and take a little bit of a mix color of no-2 in the photo and apply on the eye lids.

Step 3 & 4
I take a little bit of Dark Color no-3 color from the palette and apply over the tops of the first layer on my eye lids. Make sure to blend out with Eyeshadow brush.

Step 5 & 6 
To create the style of Smokey Eye makeup look, I take a violet Purple color and put it on the outer corner of my eye lids and make sure to blend it out. 

Step 7 & 8
To make a nice balance for the eye shadow look, make sure to apply on the waterline and under eye lids. After that, I apply a little bit of eyeliner, mascara and put on the fake lashes from Etude house. 

That's is... 
That are all the steps you need to follow to create sexy purple smokey eyes look. 
Thank you for reading.


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