Common Asian Girl Tag

Hello Dollies,

As I have decided to do more blogs & Vlogs for too, I need to do some new fun videos.
I decided to answers some questions so I created this video.
I hope you guys enjoyed watching and know a little more about me. 

Thank you so much for Watching ...


1. What is your favorite flavor of boba/bubble tea?   
2. How often do you eat rice?   
3. Do you wear glasses or contacts?   How is your vision? 
4. Do you wear shoes inside your house?   
5. Are you a good driver?   
6. Do you get good grades?  
7. Do you play a musical instrument?   
8. Do you coupon?   
9. Do you like K-Pop or K-dramas? 
11. Is your hair hard to curl?  
12. What age do you get mistaken for?   
13. At what age were/are you allowed to date?   
14. What specific type of Asian are you?   
15. Are your parents racist?   
16. Do you like sushi?   L-O-V-E  ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ
19. Can you speak the language?  
20. What are your favorite Asian candies or snacks?   

Make sure to answer one of your favorites questions ..
Love you

Phyo pa pa

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