How to have Healthly and Shiny Hair

Healthy & Shiny Hair Tips
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Hello Beauties,
Long time no beauty blogs and I am so sorry for that I am bringing new blogs for ya.

It is very important in the maintenance of effective hair I can tell.
>> Drink a lot of water.
>> Could not match his hair and Hair Serum kind of addiction.
>> After shampoo to use a Leave in conditioner. Development Leave in conditioner added later to do.
>> Wash head same type of cold water.
>> Instead of nutrition messages.

I'll tell small DIY Hair Mask.
>> Coconut oil teaspoon 2 tablespoons
>> 1 teaspoon of honey
>> Smashed Avocado
Apply on the hair for 10 minutes and wash off.
Make frequent to get moisture and to brighten your hairs.

I am so sure that you all will love this tips and make sure to follow the tips.

Phyo pa pa ^ _ ^ 

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