Sunday Funday with ~ Ei Ei

Hello … my beauties
Sorry I haven't been very active lately, just because I put so much effort in my Facebook Page. Yes! I just started my facebook beauty page and it going well. in case you wanna check it out. I write many beauty blogs in Myanmar Language. 

So Today I would like to share my last weekend actvities with one of my bestie Ei Ei, She is so amazing. She is sweetheart and she can make me happy and chilling all the time.

First thing, we want to the Tikwando Contest and support the young players.
After that we tried to steal the impression of the amazing fighter and she nailed it. :)

We also went to Sprout Salad Bar and ordered two bowl of Salads like we are trying to be healthy. One is Pomelo Sour Salad and the other is rocket salad.

After that we also went to the Art Gallery and saw some amazing paintings about our Buddha and our religion. I am so glad we steps into the 65 Art Gallery.

Thank you so much for reading. I am so glad I shared some of my lifestyle with ya.


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