How to Work Fast ~ increase your productivity

How to work fast
I have leant this tips from Funders & Founders Website and I found them very useful and effective for my everyday life. Even at my works and career life, these tips help me a lot. So I would like to share with you some of them and I am so sure that you will increase your  productivity for your career life. 
  1. For working, you should make 1st draft (List, works, or planning) in 15 minutes. It is OK even it is bad, we can perfect it later.
  2. Do you use timer? You need to use timer to record and limit yourself if you can't make it in 15 minutes (which is you can't if you are doing for the first time).
  3. Don't question anything you do in the first 15 minutes because you can find your interests and motivative things of your works.
  4. Don't stop if you get stuck for more than 30 seconds, just move on. Keep doing what you are doing because time is limited and by stopping and thinking for a while make your works delayed.
  5. You need to have one tracking of mind working in your head while you are working. (Thinking too much can disturb your mind and slow your work flow).
  6. Listening to music! Background music helps finish tasks faster.
  7. You need to keep light bright near your workspace. The researches said that increasing lights levels improve productivity by 8%.
  8. Keep your desk area clear! It will clear your mind.

    This life hack tips are very effective if you use them regularly when you are working. So you can think faster and work faster than ever.
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    Good Luck

    Phyopapa >_<

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