Music Playlist ~ 15 songs you need to listen this summer

Let's me say these 15 songs of Various Artist are selected by me. For me personally I have been listening to these songs occasionally for every time of course especially in Summer Time.
Most of my friends usually ask me for Music Recommendations because I listen to awhile rage of music and I also love discovering new artists. I like to share my favorites kinds of music with my friends.
As I said, I listen to awhile range of music but my favorite kind of Music is Western Pop Rock and some of my favorites are - Coldplay, Imagine Dragon, Neon Trees, Hozier, Dresses and Miley Cyrus, because she is a Queen.

Anyway, I would like to share with you my all time favorite songs which are totally appropriate for summer time camping, road trip and even when you are on vacation. The following songs that I listed out are mixed and they are always in my head from the oldest to latest time.
I also put the links to their official website and downloadable sites, so make sure to download these 15 songs and enjoy!

Declaimer : I am so sure that you guys won't be bored with the songs but they will make you pump up and chill.

Summer Playlist
  1. Everybody Talks
Neon Trees
  1. This is How We Roll
Fifth Harmony
  1. Hello
  1. Sleeping with a Friend
Neon Trees
  1. Carry Me
Bombay Bicycle Club
  1. Sun Goes Down
David Guetta feat. Magic
  1. Blaze
Colbie Caillat
  1. Pocket Full of Sunshine
Natasha Bedingfield
  1. We Got the Beat
Go Go's
  1. Remember (Walking in the Sand)
Shangri La's
  1. Summer Time Sadness
Lana Del Rey
  1. Revolution
  1. Sun Shy
  1. L.A. Love
  1. Chasing the Sun
Hilary Duff

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