Makeup Tips and Tricks for Glasses

Makeup for Glasses

Hi Dollies, Long Time no upload and I am so sorry for that. Today I would like to share some of my favorite Tips and Tricks for ladies who need to wear Glasses all the time and struggling about how you look.
You are able to wear any foundation that you love or your usual. That doesn't matter for wearing glasses. But you need to focus on the facial features that you need to focus on to look somewhat bold and attractive even when you wear glasses.

Mascara- Mascara is very essential for glasses. You have to apply top coat of mascara for more brighter eyes look. But you can't use long lengthening mascara which are able to straighten your lashes and the long lashes will not ok with the glasses. But you need to use Thickening Mascara for thick lashes look.

Concealer- using Concealer is very important for glasses wearers because they might have some shades of under eye problems. Yellow tone Concealer are the best for the girl who wear glasses.

Eye Shadow- The more your glasses frame is big, the more you need to put on some shadow on your eyelids. For the girls with glasses, the brown shades are the best to create the neutral look. And if you want to play with some colors, you can use for the under waterline of your eyes for more attractive looks.

Eyeliner- Of course, the eyeliner is the essential part of making over for the girls with glasses. You need to draw the liner till the edge of your eyes for more catlike wing liner and for more attractiveness.

Eyebrows- Eyebrows games need to be on point so make sure to fill them in boldly. 

Lipsticks- After every steps, you need to finish up the whole makeup look with some colorpop lipsticks and I am so sure that you will look amazingly attractive with glasses.

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