How I fill in my Eyebrows ~ My Eyebrows Routine

How to fill in your brows
Hola Everybody, I know that I have been missing out to post some beauty tips and tricks for you. I am been very busy a lot lately with some of my studies and researching about what I love.
This post will be all about my eyebrows and how I fill in them to look somewhat look good.
I always think that I am the only person who don't have eyebrows hair and always find difficulties to put them all together. But after I discovered and learnt how to shape your personal eyebrows from, I can put together to look good.
So I create a pictorials of how I fill in my brows, I only use "Brows Powder" to fill in because eyebrows pencils aren't working for my kind of brows and "Brows Powder" stays longer than pencils. For applying powder, you need eyebrows brush.

If you can't find "Powder" shape you can use the "Matte Eyeshadow Powder" in the colors of your hair or "Dark Brown", so you can create the amazing brows shape on your own.

Clean you brows with a little brush to clear some face makeup and powder so you can apply powder well.

Try to apply the under, outer line of your brows.

After shaping the under brows, do the upper part.

Fill in the rest of your brows, which is the middle part of your brows.

To make sure it stay longer, use some brows gel or mascara over them and apply it on your brows hair.

That is it. I hope this steps are helping you guys to shape up your perfect brows.

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