April Favorites 2015 ~ Makeup, Beauty, Skincare & Random things that I love

Hi everyone, It is at the end of April and I would like to share with you some Beauty, Fashion and Makeup staffs as well as some random things that I have been loving past month. And also make sure to check out the links and pictures that I attached and you can reach out to the products and buy that through the links.

Firstly, My first beauty favorite is cosmetic favorites, which is EH cosmetic spring pallette. I already wrote review about that pallette and Make sure to check it out. Link - phyopapa.blogspot.com/2015/03/s-p-r-i-n-g-pallette-review.html

The next makeup product that I have been loving is Jordana Cosmetic, Powder Blush called "Star Dust" and I used it as a bronzer because it has the cold bronzing tone and so appropriate for contouring. I love love love that thing.


For my hair styling products, I have been using the hair care products name called Jena Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This is also detoxifying products so, I can tell that you guys will love about it. The smell of the shampoo is very appropriate for summer time as it is coconut scent. It leave my hair soft and silky after I use that. I really recommend that product for you. Jena is made in Thailand so make sure to search that in the store that sell Thai-made hair care products.

It is time for my skin care favorite and I only have one skincare this month. That is the lotion that I have been loving and it is "Mistine Bulgarian Yogurt Whitening Lotion". I got that bottle of lotion since the beginning of 2015 and I used it all along and it is empty and I got notice that how I have been loving and amazing. If you are a girl and you love to try new kind of lotion that is not greasy and include SPF in it, you need to try Mistine.  

My next faves is food favorites and it is a drink that my sister and I love to grad it all the time whenever we go to the mall. It is the IF Fruitamin drinks and they have variety of Flavors and we can choose whatever we are willing to drink. It refresh me a lot, like a lot and me and my sister drink them in the afternoon of spring and summer. 

Ahh! It is time for me to talk about my music and TV Show favorite, and for music fave, I am listening to every single song of Interpol and they are four men band and they are playing kind of Western Pop, Indie Alternative Rock which I love.
So if you are into that kind of music, check out their site and download it OK ?

I am so excited to share my favorite TV Show for this month because I have been watching animated Cartoon TV Show called "Masha and the Bear". It is Russian Cartoon Show come from the Cartoon Network. You need to watch it because it can make you laugh so hard and I am sure that you will love Masha and the Bear.

These are all that I tried and loved past month, and I also want to know what you are loving past months. Please share with me.
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