Summer Lookbook ~ One Fine Day

Summer is officially here and I hope all of you are having greatest holidays ever!!!

In this post, I wear the patterned short dress from Young ideas Collections and Floppy Hat from Forever 21.

I choose this kind of outfits because I am really into the styles of girly and also very simple to dress up.

That is why I chose the simple short dress for clothing. It is also  look put together appropriate for summer time when you don't want to think about what to wear for the hot and humid weather. 

For Accessories, I only have Floppy Hat which is very important and essential for summer time. I really really love my brown floppy hat from Forever 21 and I always pair this hat with every look.

For shoes, I wore the ballet flats from Thailand and the color is still appropriate for summer and go with every outfit.  

Well, thank you so much Dollies !!
Love you


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