7 Beauty Essentials for Summer

Summer Beauty Essentials

First Thing First, 
Happy Spring Time for all of you my girls,
I hope all of you are having special spring and summer break right now.
For Spring and Summer time, I really want all of you to know how to maintain, prevent and how to be the most pretty one among everybody. 
For me personal, Summer Beauty Essential, I would like to recommend all of you the following beauty products. 

1. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is everybody holy grail product for spring and summer. It will be more important if you are on vacation at the beach or outdoor events for summer break.

Benefits of using sunscreen
  1. It can shield your body from harmful rays
  2. It helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations
  3. It also helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins.
  4. It slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.
Here are some amazing Sunscreen for your face & body

2. Waterproof Face Makeup
The next essential products is wearing waterproof foundation or makeup power for your face makeup.If you are not using any waterproof products, your makeup with crease out and won't be last for long. By the way, I also posted tips for keeping your makeup all day long and check out the link!



3. Waterproof Mascara

The next big thing is about to keep your eyes pop with waterproof mascara. Only the waterproof mascara can protect your eyes areas from Panda eyes.

Here are some amazing water proof drugstore mascaras. 


4. Summer Bronze Blush 


No other beauty looks can best the amazing summer glow look because you only can rock with this look only in summer. When you are on vacation or doing outdoor activities all the time, you might get summer tan and glow on your face and body. Or not, you can create your own fake glow with amazing Bronze Blush on your face.
And when you are choosing and applying some blush or colors on your face, make sure you choose cream based products for more natural and long lasting makeup looks.
Here are some amazing summer colors for you

5.  Makeup Setting Spray

Having makeup setting spray with you all the time will be a big help for you and you don’t even need to carry you full of makeup essential makeup bag. You can use setting spray before you apply makeup and after you finish everything on your face to set everything in place.
Setting sprays are also use as a makeup retouching products.
Make sure to have small size of makeup setting spray with you in summer. 

6. Lips Products with SPF

Using chopstick with a lot of SPF will be your savior during spring and summer time and make sure you are using the right lipsticks or lips balm for summer in case you don't want your lips sun burn.
So find good lips balms for your healthy lips.

7. Summer Scent Body Mist & Perfume

 The last but no least is wear summer scent body mist or perfume all around summer time. So make sure to smell good and flirty all the time.
Check out some famous body mist and perfumes !




Okie, I hope all of my girls to be the pretties creatures of the world.
Don't forget !!

"Smiles is the best makeup, Don't forget to wear it everyday"


Thank you so much for reading 

Good Luck 



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